Christmas Season Vibes

I love the Christmas season. There's something so wonderful about this time of year-- celebrating the birth of our Savior, gatherings with family and friends, excuses to bake tons of cookies, and for some, the anticipation of vacation from the daily grind. And then there's the music and movies...It always intrigues me to think Christmas... Continue Reading →


Lunar Inspired Earrings

The night sky is absolutely ridiculous. After living in Seattle for the last two years, I'd forgotten how striking the night truly is without the interference of city lights. I keep catching myself these days standing outside and admiring the night as I walk from the driveway to the house, or wait for the littlest... Continue Reading →

Mission Accomplished

In case you missed it, the Littlest Friend ventured outside of Etsy for the very first time last Saturday! I am so grateful to my sister, Haley, and dear friend, Sarah, for spending the day with me, and for everyone who stopped by-- thank you! All in all, I think it went pretty well. I... Continue Reading →


Good morning, all! I hope this Tuesday finds you well! As I write this, the littlest friend is totally passed out in front of the fire and the clouds are lifting off the mountains to reveal a bit of snowfall. I've got a fairly big to-do list today, but it's hard to not want to... Continue Reading →

Shop Sounds: Jacob Montague

Did you hear?! I'm going to be in my first ever craft show on November 7th, and I am so excitified!! (See a previous post to learn what I mean by this word...) I've been researching craft fair preparation on Pinterest to figure out what I've gotten myself into, and oh boy do I have some... Continue Reading →

Introducing the Littlest Friend

Did you know my shop name, the Littlest Friend, is actually named for my family's miniature dachshund? I don't know how it originated exactly, but my siblings and I somehow started referring to Maisie as "the littlest friend." For those of you who aren't personally acquainted with her, I figured today would be a good... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of a Necklace

Happy fall, folks! I don't know if it's a side effect of one too many pumpkin spice lattes, but I'm falling in love with this season-- I am loving the cold, crisp mornings, and the beautiful colors in the trees all over town. I've also become obsessed with using my jewelry saw again, a tool... Continue Reading →

The Littlest Otter

One day, I came across a page on Pinterest that said sea otters have pouches where they keep things like their favorite rock. As you can imagine, I just about died when I heard that, because it made sea otters a zillion times more cute than they already are. Recently, I gave this whole ordeal... Continue Reading →

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