Shop Sounds: Winter Playlist

I realized I haven't posted a Shop Sounds post in a loooooong time. So I took a look at my records, CDs, iTunes, to see who I've been listening to most as of late. Turns out I'm going through a playlist stage these days, gravitating towards single songs, rather than a specific artist. I've been … Continue reading Shop Sounds: Winter Playlist

Shop Sounds: Jacob Montague

Did you hear?! I'm going to be in my first ever craft show on November 7th, and I am so excitified!! (See a previous post to learn what I mean by this word...) I've been researching craft fair preparation on Pinterest to figure out what I've gotten myself into, and oh boy do I have some … Continue reading Shop Sounds: Jacob Montague

Shop Sounds: Gregory Alan Isakov

It's staring to feel fall-ish here. Initially, the cold mornings made me lament the loss of lazy, sunny summer days, but the idea of fall is finally starting to grow on me. The mornings are feeling a bit chillier, and there's a tree in the front yard that has decided to adopt a more golden … Continue reading Shop Sounds: Gregory Alan Isakov