Lessons Learned Part 1

I'm really good at forgetting stuff. If something isn't visibly right in front of me, it's highly likely I'll forget it, so I've gotten very good at using planners and leaving notes for myself. Back in the day, I used to write things on my forearm to remind me of cross country practice or the... Continue Reading →


A shift in the seasons

Spring is here, and I have mixed feelings. While I am excited for longer days, sunshine, and warmer weather, I am also lamenting the loss of some of my favorite things that go along with winter: warm, cozy nights watching the snow fall out the window, throwing on flannel shirts and wool socks over my pajamas to... Continue Reading →

Etsy Crushes

Have you spent much time wandering around Etsy? If I'm not careful, I can spend way too much time there. It's amazing how you can find so many different products made by people all over the world. There are so many jewelry artists I admire and look up to, who make really beautiful things with... Continue Reading →

“Small things with great love”

Hello again, friends! It's taken me a while to write this post as I have been thinking about where to send support next. In case you missed it, in a previous post, I shared how I will be donating 10% of the profits from the Littlest Friend to different causes and organizations that are near... Continue Reading →

Yowza! Thank you!

Guys! These are my favorite kind of posts to put together. Usually, I can't stand the numbers side of running the Littlest Friend, but when I know the math problem results in some good for others around me, it gives me a whole new perspective. In case you missed it, these past few months, I have... Continue Reading →

Christmas Season Vibes

I love the Christmas season. There's something so wonderful about this time of year-- celebrating the birth of our Savior, gatherings with family and friends, excuses to bake tons of cookies, and for some, the anticipation of vacation from the daily grind. And then there's the music and movies...It always intrigues me to think Christmas... Continue Reading →

Lunar Inspired Earrings

The night sky is absolutely ridiculous. After living in Seattle for the last two years, I'd forgotten how striking the night truly is without the interference of city lights. I keep catching myself these days standing outside and admiring the night as I walk from the driveway to the house, or wait for the littlest... Continue Reading →

Mission Accomplished

In case you missed it, the Littlest Friend ventured outside of Etsy for the very first time last Saturday! I am so grateful to my sister, Haley, and dear friend, Sarah, for spending the day with me, and for everyone who stopped by-- thank you! All in all, I think it went pretty well. I... Continue Reading →

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