Backstory: Light Green Sea Glass Necklace

I have a problem. Well, actually, two. The first is that I just moved and I haven't been able to find my Bananagrams game, hence the different layout for the title image in this post. The second is much more relevant to the backstory behind these sea glass necklaces, and it's called beach combing. These days, … Continue reading Backstory: Light Green Sea Glass Necklace

Backstory: Turquoise Arrow Earrings

I love how music inspires people. I recently heard Brian Houston, the pastor of Hillsong Church, speak about music, and I couldn't agree more with his thought that, "God created music for the sole purpose of connecting to the human heart." I can't count the number of times I've felt an instant connection with a … Continue reading Backstory: Turquoise Arrow Earrings

Backstory: Montana photo pendants

I love Montana. I haven't been able to spend much more than a long weekend here lately, so it's so nice to have more time to visit with family and friends, and take a few hikes into the mountains. To commemorate my first week back, I've been posting pendants I've made with photos from a … Continue reading Backstory: Montana photo pendants