I Love Commissions

“I recently finished working on a project for a band,” is probably one of the coolest sentences I’ve been able to utter as of late. But really! I am so grateful a dear old friend asked me to create necklaces for her and her bandmates to celebrate a year of making music together. What an honor!

When my friend sent me an image of her band’s logo for inspiration, I was struck by all of the floral elements of it, and was excited she was willing to wait a while for me to assemble the necklaces for her. My boyfriend has been using UV resin to help with fly tying, and one day, he mentioned it could be a good fit for jewelry making since it dries so much quicker than typical resin. I quickly ran with his idea, and after we talked about all of the beautiful wildflowers we could find in the summer, I picked up a bottle from Crunchy Sushi Day on Etsy. Ever since then, I’d been thinking about trying my hand at making some pressed flower jewelry, but hadn’t quite found the motivation to initiate the project. This request from a friend got me excited, and I immediately jumped into my front yard to find some flowers and leaves to press. Side note, I almost lost all of these blooms when a bird chased me down and jumped into my hair after I disturbed the nest… luckily, it all ended well!


After a few weeks, I removed the flowers from my makeshift flower press, and sealed them with a few layers of Mod Podge. After letting them dry overnight, I set the plants and flowers in a variety of molds and set them out in the sun to cure.


I definitely made a lot of mistakes along the way, even losing one of the molds in between the wood slats of my porch– whoops!– but I am excited to continue to make more pressed flower jewelry. I love the idea of showcasing some of God’s most beautiful creations in these pendants.




Once the pendants were completely cured, I twisted some rose gold wire to loop the pendants onto chains, and added a stamped rose gold rectangle with the band name. I am so excited with how they turned out, and I am so grateful for the chance to be involved in helping LeLe commemorate their first year as a band together. You can check out their music here!





I’m hoping to turn some of these other pendants into complete necklaces, and post them for sale on the site. Stay tuned! And have a lovely weekend 🙂


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