Shop Sounds: Jenny and the Mexicats

I am super hooked on Spanish music right now. This past summer, I went to Peru with two dear friends, which was an absolute blast. I so enjoyed the bits I saw and experienced of this beautiful country, but my favorite part was the interactions I was able to have with the people that live there. For the first few days, I played the mute, trying so hard to access my Spanish courses from high school and college, occasionally volunteering a “Si” or “Gracias” to verbally connect with the people we encountered. It’s amazing how quickly brains can access old data, and by the end of my time in Peru, I so enjoyed how much I could understand and express in my limited vocabulary, allowing me the chance to better interact with the people I met, asking questions, sharing stories, laughing hysterically at jokes, and even talking about charangos with an amazing musician and craftsman, Sabino Huaman.


Being back in Montana, I really miss the challenge and work of learning another language, and I am exhausting resources to try and keep my connection with the Spanish language alive and well. Fortunately, we live in a world where it is ridiculously easy to find music from other parts of the world, and I have been enjoying browsing artists from Spanish speaking countries and working to piece apart the lyrics I hear. It’s been fun to think back on my memories in Peru and practice listening to Spanish while I am stringing beads or bending wire.


One of my lucky finds was Jenny and the Mexicats. Spotify has some fun playlists to browse, and while listening to one of them, “Labios” by Jenny and the Mexicats immediately caught my ear with its high energy and dancey musical arrangement. Needless to say, I was hooked. Check out the song below!

To learn more about Jenny and the Mexicats, click here.

Have a lovely lovely day! xo

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