A shift in the seasons


Spring is here, and I have mixed feelings. While I am excited for longer days, sunshine, and warmer weather, I am also lamenting the loss of some of my favorite things that go along with winter: warm, cozy nights watching the snow fall out the window, throwing on flannel shirts and wool socks over my pajamas to brave the cold outside of my bed in the morning, and cross-country skiing as the sun sets and stretches its warm hues across the clean, white snow. But then I see the shoots in the backyard trying to break through the small patches of snow, and imagine the colors that will soon be breaking into the winter landscape, and I start to let go of it a little more easily.


I’m a sucker for flowers. I’m not sure whether it’s because of my mom who, around this time of year, is always hankering to travel someplace west in order to see the flowers, whether it be visiting family in California, or pursuing the stands of Seattle’s Pike Place Market. When I moved to Seattle, my mom told me how she used to buy fresh flowers each week in order to brighten her apartment. Living a short walk from a pretty amazing Farmers’ Market, I quickly adopted this practice, finding the biggest and brightest bouquet to add some color and life to the dreary grey days of long working hours. It’s kind of impressive how big a difference the presence of flowers and other plants can make, adding some vibrant, dynamic color to a place. This love for plant life has crept into some of my jewelry already, whether in the design itself, or as props for my photography…









I hope you’re enjoying the transition to spring wherever you are! And stay tuned to see what new floral-inspired designs make their way into the shop! xo

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