Etsy Crushes


Have you spent much time wandering around Etsy? If I’m not careful, I can spend way too much time there. It’s amazing how you can find so many different products made by people all over the world. There are so many jewelry artists I admire and look up to, who make really beautiful things with interesting materials, and techniques oftentimes unfamiliar to me. In case you’re curious, I listed my favorite jewelry shops below– read on!


Gemologies: Gemologies by Kristan Bendixen has some of the most beautiful jewelry I have ever seen. I absolutely love how she uses geodes and raw stones in her work. And I love how she uses simple compositions in her pieces, allowing the stones to speak for themselves and really stand out.


Taitallas Handmade: Olena from Taitallas Handmade does, hands down, the most beautiful beadwork I have ever seen. I LOVE everything about her beaded earrings; she combines colors, shapes, and textures to make some of the most stunning earrings I have ever seen.


Poppy and Fern: Rachel Pruett does delicate, adorable work. I absolutely love the idea behind her work, and I can’t get over how beautiful each framed stitchery is. I particularly love the pieces she does with animals– they are so so cute!


Fox and the Fawn: Everything about Kayla Jurgens’ shop, Fox and the Fawn, is simply stunning. Her work is beautifully simple, and I cannot get over her incredible jewelry photography. Each shot instantly transports me to those quiet, early, summer mornings where all you hear is the coffee brewing and the birds outside.


The Twenty Fingers: Yuriy and Katerina’s shop, the Twenty Fingers, is simply the coolest. You have to give their shop a look just to see the photography and sets they use to frame their products– they inspire me in this realm. I am also fascinated by their use of laser cut wood, and the colors they choose that make each piece so bright and beautiful!


Foxtail Boutique: Betty Yates from Foxtail Boutique makes jewelry that totally blows my mind. I love looking through her work because she utilizes such dynamic designs, incorporating interesting shapes and movement into each piece. Her work is inspiring, as she strikes me as a true trailblazer, making beautiful work that is uniquely her own.


Elisabeth Space: I admire Elisabeth Space’s work for a number of reasons. Not only is her work beautiful, but she is also self-taught which is such an encouragement to someone like me, who is trying out new ideas, and learning as I go. She also uses such fun and unique images in her work, from gnomes and cacti, to constellations and tacos.

Thanks to all of these artists for the ways they inspire and encourage me, and thanks to you for stopping by! Have a lovely lovely day! xo

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