Backstory: Light Green Sea Glass Necklace

I have a problem. Well, actually, two. The first is that I just moved and I haven’t been able to find my Bananagrams game, hence the different layout for the title image in this post. The second is much more relevant to the backstory behind these sea glass necklaces, and it’s called beach combing. These days, whenever I find myself at a beach, I can easily spend the entirety of the day digging through the sand looking for rocks, shells (abalones are my absolute favorite!!!), sea glass, and creatures.

From what I can remember, this interest first began on a family trip to Cambria, California. We were traveling Highway 1 on the California coast and stopped off in this little town for a few days.  I remember walking into a jewelry store with my dad, and we started talking with the shop owner who told us all about the moonstones that could be found on the beach. Thinking back on this story makes me realize making my own jewelry has been a dream for a long time, as I spent what felt like hours, picking up translucent stones and holding them up to the sun to see if the light could shine through, filled with thoughts of all of the beautiful pieces of jewelry I could make with the stones I’d found.


I have a particular fascination with sea glass. I love the concept of a shard of glass getting so tossed and refined in the waves, that it emerges once again onto the land with a new shape, with smoother edges, a hazier translucence, and new nicks and dents. It’s just like us, except rather than spending days, weeks, months, rocking through the tumultuous ocean wave (which would be all sorts of terrifying), we go through trials and hardships, our own refining processes that give us new shapes, chip away at things God chooses to rid us of, and smoothes out some of our harsher edges. Through these experiences we learn empathy for those who go through similar waves, and can be more gentle with them as we stand with them through their own refining process.


I found this piece of sea glass and instantly fell in love with its color and shape. I so love the edges of this piece of glass, and how you can see the small nicks and dents, that give the glass some depth of texture. Wrapped in brass wire, the solid tone of the wire helps to anchor this beautiful, translucent stone that, in my mind’s eye, seems light enough to float away.


To check out this sea glass necklace in my Etsy shop, click here. Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a lovely lovely rest of your day! xo

2 thoughts on “Backstory: Light Green Sea Glass Necklace

  1. Sara,
    I’m so glad that you are fulfilling your dream and creating such gorgeous pieces of art. Your jewelry has such symbolism that makes it even more special. I really love your comparison made between our refining processes we experience in life to those that a simple piece of glass goes through when tossed about in the harsh waves of the sea. Both come out more beautifully shaped with a smoother/softer presence. Love you!
    P.S. I’d really like to go sea glass hunting with you sometime!


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