Shop Sounds: Winter Playlist


I realized I haven’t posted a Shop Sounds post in a loooooong time. So I took a look at my records, CDs, iTunes, to see who I’ve been listening to most as of late. Turns out I’m going through a playlist stage these days, gravitating towards single songs, rather than a specific artist. I’ve been looking for some new inspiration for my jewelry, and cycling through a variety of tracks from different genres seems to help my brain generate all sorts of ideas, as different lyrics, hooks, and melodies strike me in different ways each time I approach these songs. It’s funny how music works that way– you can physically stay in the same place, but music has this crazy ability to take your thoughts to new places and scenes, inspiring new shapes and color combinations. Anyone else feel that way? Or is it just me?

Scroll on down to see the list of tracks I’ve been gravitating towards these days, not only while making jewelry, but also when I head out to cross country ski or take a winter walk 🙂 And apparently, if you use Spotify, you can access my playlist here.


“Making All Things New” Aaron Espe

“Wild at Heart” Alfred Hall

“The King of Cape” Alfred Hall

“All Those Pretty Lights (Alternate Universe Version)” Andrew Belle

“Above the Clouds of Pompeii” Bear’s Den

“We Were Here” BOY

“Good Company” Bronze Radio Return

“Start a War” Brooke Fraser

“Hero” Family of the Year

“Am I Alive” From Indian Lakes

“Michigan” Jacob Montague

“Gone” JR JR

“Way Down We Go” Kaleo

“Free My Mind” Katie Herzig

“Lost and Found” Katie Herzig

“Ophelia” The Lumineers

“Hummed Low” Odessa

“Bloom” The Paper Kites

“Welcome Home, Son” Radical Face

“It’s Real” Real Estate

“Icebox” Rogue Valley

“Search and Destroy” Sanders Bohlke

“Coffee” Sylvan Esso

“Uncatena” Sylvan Esso

“Borderline” Tove Styrke

“Samurai Boy” Tove Styrke

Let me know what you’ve been listening to! I’m always on the search for new tunes!

Have a lovely day! xo

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