Shop Sounds: Jacob Montague


Did you hear?! I’m going to be in my first ever craft show on November 7th, and I am so excitified!! (See a previous post to learn what I mean by this word…) I’ve been researching craft fair preparation on Pinterest to figure out what I’ve gotten myself into, and oh boy do I have some work to do. It is all good, fun work, but I need to be using my time wisely in order to make sure I have enough jewelry to stock a table, develop a plan for setting up the space in a way that is true to my branding (whatever that means!), and find some pieces that can help me showcase my work well. Whew! My typical rhythm of making jewelry when I’m feeling inspired may not work out so well over these next few weeks, and I am learning how to find ways to actively seek out inspiration and stay focused. This is where my friend, Jacob Montague, comes to the rescue.


Have you heard of his music? If you haven’t, you definitely should check it out. His music is absolutely beautiful, and has a very ethereal component. Not all of his albums contain lyrics, which makes it the perfect soundtrack for writing, studying, or other tasks that need music, but without the distraction or interference of words (anyone else have this problem?). My favorite part is how his track titles match so well the feeling and sound he is attempting to illustrate through music. His work takes me to new scenes and helps me imagine colors, textures, and shapes that find their way into my projects. Two of my particular favorites are “Train Tracks” and “Running in the Dust”:

Thanks for stopping by the blog and checking out my latest Shop Sounds post! Feel free to send me any tips and tricks you may have up your sleeves about craft fairs and table displays, and enjoy the weekend!


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