The Littlest Otter


One day, I came across a page on Pinterest that said sea otters have pouches where they keep things like their favorite rock. As you can imagine, I just about died when I heard that, because it made sea otters a zillion times more cute than they already are. Recently, I gave this whole ordeal a second thought and decided to do my own research, as Pinterest does have the potential to make things appear cuter than they are in real life. Turns out, sea otters DO have pouches, and they DO keep rocks in them, but the rocks are to smash open shells, not just for sentimental value.

Anyways, this inspired a conversation between a friend and I that jokingly spurred the idea of the Littlest Otter— a business that incorporates folks’ found rocks into pieces of jewelry, so they too, can carry their favorite rock around wherever they go. Afterwards, my friend actually ended up entrusting me with the task of turning a beautiful rock she had found into a necklace!


Going through the process of planning and wrapping her rock, made me really love this idea. Lately, I’ve been reflecting on the idea of remembering in the Bible, and how important it is when we’re faced with doubts or struggles about who God is and how He takes care of us. I love how in Psalms, the author reminds himself of who God is by meditating on things that have happened in the past; times where God showed His faithfulness and protection. Or how people build altars when God does something big in their lives, to remind people in future generations of God’s goodness. I’ve been trying to incorporate this practice of remembering into my daily life when I find myself feeling afraid or worried.


I recently went on one of the gnarliest hikes of my life. It was beautiful and amazing, but it was also one of the hardest hikes I’d done in a long time- physically and mentally, especially as we had to pass through two false summits before reaching the true top. When I got to the top, I laid down in the rocks– so totally spent and exhausted. But after regrouping and looking out at the expanse below us, I felt the most exuberant joy and relief: “Look how far we came! And I didn’t die!” Hence, the jumping for joy post-summit photo…


On the way down, I kept thinking of how this hike experience was such a good metaphor for the difficult seasons. We all go through difficult, heartbreaking, uncomfortable times. There are seasons where we just want to sit down and give up, and at times, it seems there is no way we’ll actually make it through in one piece. But when joy finally comes, or when we find ourselves in a place where we can peacefully entrust the pain to God, knowing He can redeem it, it can feel similar to the summit of a hard hike. You can look back and see how far God has taken you, or maybe, if it fits in with your story, you can see some explanation for the purpose of the hardship, and you feel this inexplicable joy and peace. As I slowly picked my way down the rocks on the mountain, I began to think of my own tough seasons, knowing there will certainly be more in the days and years to come, and I decided to keep my eyes peeled for a stone I could hold onto, to remind me of this hard thing I did, by the grace of God, one step at a time.


So I’m excited to turn this small, meaningful rock into a piece of jewelry I can keep with me on into the future, as a tangible reminder that there will be hard things, and with God’s help, I can bravely take steps ahead, no matter how small and weak they may be.

So, with that being said, if you have some sort of rock or found object you’d like to turn into a piece of jewelry, I would love to help! Feel free to shoot me an email, or facebook message, and we can work out the details.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have a lovely start to the week! xo

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