Friends of the Littlest Friend: Sarah Eisenlohr


Hey friends! I am so excited to introduce you to my dear friend, sister-in-law, and name twin, Sarah Eisenlohr/MacPherson. Sarah and I were roommates back when we lived in Missoula, and I remember a number of nights where she would be finishing an art project, late into the night while I tried to memorize facts about phonological processes or neurology… fun times! It has been such a blast to watch her art evolve over the years, and she inspires me so much in her bravery with pursuing her art. She also has an incredible eye for combining textures, colors, and patterns. The intricacy and intention present in her collages cause me to stop and engage with the image, thinking about how what I see in front of me connects with my own experience  and ideas. My favorite part of her art is how I see her so clearly in her pieces. Each one is such a testimony to her thoughtfulness, gentleness, and ability to sit with thoughts and ideas while she wrestles through them. I am very grateful my brother went and married such a dear friend of mine 🙂

Read on to learn more about her work and process!


What is your favorite medium? Collage.

What do you see as the goal or purpose behind the work you do? To create pretty things and start a dialogue with the viewer.


How did you get started? I was taking a class in college called “Mapping,” which incorporated art media and maps together. We had to create a series for our final project and I had wanted to try out collage, so I made a few pieces involving how humans can impact our landscape or “remap” its appearance. These ended up being the beginnings to my first collage series, Mapping. Afterwards, I became obsessed with collaging.

Where and when do you do your work? My studio has been based in my bedroom so far, but I recently upgraded to my own little office in my apartment! The most inspirational time for me is the morning. It’s quiet, I can sip on coffee and the sun creates beautiful lighting through the windows– I can’t help but be inspired.


Are there people or circumstances that have encouraged you to pursue your work? I think just the love of collaging encourages me to keep creating. But circumstances like when I moved to a new city a few years ago, allowed me to create a lot of new work. I had extra time because relocating can take a lot of routine and obligations away, so I ended up with my latest series, Renewal.

What inspires your work? Little happenings and big transitions in my life, mountain ranges, floral imagery, bright abstract painting, and the Bible.


Are there other artists that you look up to? I like cute folk art paintings of cacti and plants, and also abstract paintings with hot bright colors paired with pastel hues.

What projects are you working on right now? Anything you are particularly excited about? I’m working on a flamingo collage for my mom. And I’m excited for a big project from this year to be released! It’s a secret for now.



What do you hope to accomplish with your work? Any specific hopes and dreams for the future? I hope to continually be inspired to create collages and find ways to incorporate them into the graphic design field as well.



Do you have any advice or encouragement for people who want to pursue their own creative outlets? Share your work with blogs and magazines. Find inspiration around you and keep creating!

Where can people learn more about your work?



A huge thank you to Sarah for sharing her work and thoughts with me! Now go check out more of her art! 🙂 Have a wonderful Tuesday! xo

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