Shop Sounds: Gregory Alan Isakov


It’s staring to feel fall-ish here. Initially, the cold mornings made me lament the loss of lazy, sunny summer days, but the idea of fall is finally starting to grow on me. The mornings are feeling a bit chillier, and there’s a tree in the front yard that has decided to adopt a more golden tone. These weekend mornings I find myself with a sketchbook, a blanket and slippers, and a cup of coffee, looking for a patch of sunlight to sit in and work. Just like the subtle, slow transitions to the next season I’ve been catching outside, I’ve noticed my music preferences are slowly shifting as well.


The high-energy summer music is starting to be replaced with more acoustic, folkish music. One of the artists I’ve been gravitating towards recently is Gregory Alan Isakov. He recently played a show here in town, and I was so bummed to miss it! I love the sound of his music– it instantly transports me to a quiet, simple place, and his music evokes so many stories. It’s fun to let your mind’s eye wander off into the narratives he weaves. I’ve grown particularly attached to the track, “Time Will Tell”:

Feel free to share any of your music recommendations with me! I love learning about new artists!

Have a lovely Labor Day holiday! xo

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