Backstory: Turquoise Arrow Earrings


I love how music inspires people. I recently heard Brian Houston, the pastor of Hillsong Church, speak about music, and I couldn’t agree more with his thought that, “God created music for the sole purpose of connecting to the human heart.” I can’t count the number of times I’ve felt an instant connection with a song that seems to speak to my heart, to put into words the things I’ve been feeling, but can’t seem to express on my own. For whatever reason, the song “Arrows” by Fences (featuring Macklemore and Ryan Lewis) had that sort of impact on me. While I don’t specifically know what the artists meant to convey in the song, I built my own interpretation for what it could mean in my life. When I first heard this song, I was going through a pretty tough season of life, and there was something in the lyrics that resonated with me– the idea that hardships can feel like they’ve come out of nowhere, with no warning, and it can be so disorienting that it’s hard to identify the source and how to respond.


The image and concept of arrows really stuck with me, and when I saw these charms in a bead store, I decided to make these earrings. Not too long after, I came across another song pertaining to this arrow metaphor– “The Arrow,” by Josh Garrels, and similar to my experience with “Arrows,” I immediately latched on to the song.  Except, this time around, the song did not just express my feelings, but provided insight into what was happening in my life:

The arrow was sent to intervene

It pierced my bones and shook me from my dream

Lord, You know exactly what I need

Wounds from a friend, severe mercy


Now, down the road a ways from the crushing part of that season, I see the blessing in those hardships– I can see how God used it to grow me and call out some thorny parts of my life that needed to be addressed. I know that all hardships in my life won’t be cut so clearly. Some hard and terrible things that happen won’t make sense this side of heaven. But in those times, when arrows are striking, I hope that I can remember back to this lesson, that I can hold onto hope and trust that God can bring good from these arrows… that He won’t leave me struck down in the wilderness.




I love the whole process that these earrings represent in my life. While this image of an arrow initially served as a symbol for me to connect with and hold onto during a tough time, it’s now become a reminder to me of God’s promises– that He can redeem the hardships in our lives, to teach us and grow us into the people He has created us to be.

To check out these earrings on my Etsy site, click here:

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