Introducing: Friends of the Littlest Friend


Friends are the best. They make things like trips to the vet, or pursuing crazy dreams a little less scary. They are the best at encouraging you through the uncertainties, inspiring you to try new things, and honestly sharing lessons they’ve learned from their own life story. A big part of  where I am with this whole Littlest Friend business is due to the encouragement, inspiration, and teaching I glean from the friends around me.


In the coming days, I’ll be putting together a new group of postings I’m calling “Friends of the Littlest Friend.” I have some creative friends who are making some cool things, and I am eager to introduce you to them and the work they do. These posts will be set up like interviews, where I will be asking them to share more about their art, inspiration, and process. I’m hoping these posts will serve to inspire you in your own creative endeavors, and introduce you to some pretty cool artists I am grateful to call friends. Stay tuned!


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