Hoop Fest


Right now, I’ve got my own version of hoop fest going on. As I mentioned in a previous post, hoop earrings are my favorite, and I’ve lately been brainstorming ways to incorporate different shapes and beads into my designs. Hoop earrings in various stages of development are dominating my work space, and I’m excited to see how these plans evolve. More often than I would like to admit, I’ll have a plan in my mind that ends up playing out differently in the physical world…


I’m quickly reminded of how pieces can go awry due to a miscalculated drop of a hammer. Or how laughing hysterically while listening to a funny podcast or TV show episode can cloud my depth perception when filling a bezel with resin. Whoops.


I love/hate these moments. While mistakes can be so frustrating, they also represent a lesson I need to learn, whether it’s to slow down, use a ruler, or think twice before I smash a bead or my finger with a hammer. But on a bigger scale, these mistakes serve as a bigger life lesson. So often, these mistakes remind me that I need to take things more lightly, and remember that I’m not perfect. And that’s okay.

So here’s to learning from mistakes and trying new things. Be sure to stop by the shop to see which of these ideas prove successful!


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