Shop Sounds: Odessa


Change can be overwhelming. Transitions are exciting and fun to dream about in the big idea stage, but as they come closer and all of the decisions and changes start coming into view, I find it all a little overwhelming at times. Especially when I have to wait, and be patient. I’m a doer, and I feel so much better when I can run through a list of tasks to move forward, rather than sit quietly. I’m currently on the cusp of a very open-ended transition, and I often find myself in a frantic state of mind. I feel this sense of urgency to make decisions I can’t yet make, and check off boxes that aren’t in my hands yet. Life right now feels a little like a chrysalis stage; after this summer, things will look different, but I don’t know what it’ll look like on the other side just yet. It’s times like these where I find myself praying so much more, and seeking out quiet, thoughtful music to help me stay present.


One of the artists on my work playlist right now is Odessa. I heard one of her songs on a favorite podcast, and was immediately hooked. Her soft, melodic sound has been helping me to chill out as I work to balance so many pieces right now, and try my best to patiently wait for God to guide me through my next steps. I particularly love the track, “Hummed Low”:

To hear more from Odessa, click here.

How about you? Do you have a playlist for those crazy, frantic seasons? I’d love suggestions to add to my list!


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