Shop Sounds: Lord Huron


I can’t get over how clever and creative Lord Huron is. I have a soft spot for musicians who are intentional and purposeful about every aspect of their work. I love to pick through the lyrics, riffs, and album artwork, exploring the how and why of each piece. Lord Huron takes this concept to a whole new level. Their most recent album, Strange Trails, weaves a strange narrative, and they’ve released a music video, comic book, and a whole host of interviews that introduce the listener to this world they’ve invented.


This album has proved to be an excellent soundtrack to work to; Lord Huron has crafted a beautiful and interesting sound across these tracks, which somehow manages to make me completely lose track of time. I’m always surprised when the album clicks off, as it never seems to be quite long enough for my liking. I’m beginning to see why this album is called Strange Trails, too. There are a few tracks where my mind will catch a lyric that sounds so utterly odd, and makes me want to listen a little closer to try and figure out what’s happening in the story line. I’m currently in love with “Meet Me in the Woods”:

To hear more, check them out here.


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