New Found Purpose


Hello, friends! I have some news to share with you!

When I first set up my shop on Etsy, I had planned to pick a name related to a favorite song, Bible verse, or book title, but instead settled on the Littlest Friend. Initially, I just saw it as a shout out to a favorite sidekick, but it has since evolved to take on new meaning. Back in college, I hoped to start some type of business where I would have the opportunity to donate a percentage of the profits to charities. Now that I’ve been able to make some ground with my jewelry making, I’ve decided to start doing just that, and I am so excited to be able to do so! The Littlest Friend seems like a fitting name for a venture that hopes to support the missions and goals of selected charities with the idea that no donation is too small, and that every bit helps. I’m excited to share that 10% of the profits the shop has made so far will be donated to Obliteride, a fundraiser put on in Seattle to raise money for cancer research. Learn more at

Over the next few months, 10% of the profits from each item sold will be donated to the Bozeman 3. This organization is based in my hometown and provides financial support to families in Gallatin County whose child has received a cancer diagnosis, provides peer support by connecting these families together, and also supports pediatric cancer research. Read more at


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