The Backstory: Hoop Earrings


I’m a lover of stories. I love to hear them, read them, and tell them, particularly over a coffee or a beer. My intent with these Backstory posts is to tell you a little bit about how a piece in my store came about. I find that most of the jewelry I make has some connection to a person I love, something I’ve learned, or a piece of my own story.

Hoop earrings are what made me want to finally pierce my ears, at the age of 24. My whole “rebellious phase” didn’t quite fit the norm. Apparently, NOT getting piercings was my style.


Anyways, I was really excited to finally try this design, and was even more excited with how they turned out! I made myself a pair of these almost six months ago now, and they have become my go-to earrings, especially on those days where I just feel like pulling my hair back.


I particularly love the beads on these earrings. They add a bit of color, and add some interest to the overall composition.


I recently added these to my shop, and hope to begin working on some additional pairs with other colors of beads. Stay tuned!


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