Shop Sounds: Home


I’m a total music junkie. I blame my parents. I grew up with music playing all of the time, live or on the stereo. These days I always have music on, and I absolutely love searching out new bands and swapping finds with my friends. My Shop Sounds posts are intended to share what I’ve been listening to while I work, with the hope that you might check them out yourself, and even share your finds with me.


I think it’s safe to say Josh Garrels is my favorite artist of all time. The above album, Jacaranda, was the first recording of his I purchased, and I’ve been a faithful listener ever since. Josh released a new album, Home, not too long ago, and it has proven to be an excellent soundtrack for drawing up ideas, stringing beads, and even just organizing tools after I’ve made a mess of my space. I’m particularly stuck on the song, “Morning Light.” In my mind, it’s how the sunrise sounds as its rays stretch out across a wood floor. And the lyrics just drip with a message of hope and peace. Anyways, I’ll stop being sappy and let you check it out for yourself.

Check out more of his music at


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