Here goes.


Dreams are excitifying. “Excitifying” is a word I made up when I was describing to a friend how I felt about moving to a new state after graduate school: excited, but terrified. Or terrified, but excited. Either way, there are some things that are totally nerve-wracking, but feel so worth it because you know you’re pursuing something good. It’s like some still, small voice, urging you to keep going, keep trying.

I’ve been feeling that way about pursuing jewelry making lately. While I’m having a blast making jewelry and learning about small business, it’s always a little intimidating to put my art out there and see how it goes over. But it’s been a dream of mine since I was young to pursue art throughout my life, and there’s something about dreams that seem to drive you on. So with a collection of beads, pliers, and wire in hand, I’m off to try my hand in the jewelry-making world.


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